The founder of the Byron Williams “Best Wishes” Foundation is Byron Williams himself — an ex-NFL player, former president of the Dallas NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and current board member for the National NFLPA. Byron also calls upon the time, talents and resources of his fellow former NFL players, as well as other individuals who are well-respected in the worlds of amateur and professional sports, in guiding the organization

The Byron Williams "Best Wishes" Foundation focuses on these critical areas:

  • Adopt a School Program offering support and leadership to youth which are homeless, in foster care or have very little support at home.
  • Raising awareness regarding sports-related healthcare issues.
  • Giving youth a safe environment in which to play sports (includes giving youth a healthy respite from the perils of living in crime-ridden communities, and protecting youth from sports related injuries.)
  • Making healthcare accessible, understandable and affordable for victims of sports-related injuries (both physical and neurological.)
  • Raising money for other player charities in an effort to forge relationships that further the mission of the Bryon Williams "Best Wishes" Foundation.